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Here you can see how we make the pots




 We firstly pass the clay through a pug mill which helps to get rid of air & lumps. The clay is then measured into individual balls &  hand thrown, on the potter's wheel, into the required shapes. The pots now need to half dry which takes a day or two, after which they are put back on the wheel & a foot ring is turned on to the base.




 Once the pots have been dried any additions can be added. Here Brian is applying handles to our mugs. These are then air dried for a number of days after which time they are given their first firing to 1000 o C.




 After the first or 'bisque' firing the pots are back stamped & a film of wax is applied to the base. The pots are now hand glazed & decorated. Here Lowry is applying brush decoration.



 The last stage is for the pots to be packed into the kiln for their second or 'gloss' firing. The kiln takes 14 hours to reach the final temperature of 1220oC. The pots have then to be very carefully cooled before being unpacked from the kiln after which they are ready for despatch to our customers.








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